What’s New in Nixa-EATS!

    To say that the people of Nixa are hungry for more diverse food options locally, is an understatement.  We love our long time local staples like Mcalisters, Braums and Applebees, but find our rotation through them over time, leaves us wanting more! For a time, it seems that restaurants of every taste and treat would come and go faster than you could say, “bon appetit”. Luckily, it seems, that has changed. Delicious new fare has been popping up all over town, and as a foody myself, I could not wait to try it all personally.

    My first stop was Yi’s Korean on Massey Boulevard (in the same shopping center as Hallmark and Subway) for lunch.  I was impressed with not only the amount of food, but the fact that every item is made from scratch in an all organic kitchen! The owner was more than happy to bring out small taster bowls of some of their specialties such as the pickled beets that I found surprisingly delicious! Even if you aren’t trying to eat healthy, you can’t help it here because the food is all so good.

    For dinner, I was thrilled to visit Piccolos, Nixa’s new and only Italian restaurant. Right off the bat, let me say this place is cool! The whole atmosphere just lends itself to relax, have a glass of wine on the patio, and indulge in sauce covered carb goodness. The bread sticks alone will rival any Italian food chain, the steak melts in your mouth, and the Penne Valentine is now on the top of my list for fav dishes of all time! It’s a perfect date night option and they also have an affordable and diverse lunch menu as well.

    Anyone who has lived in or around the area for any length of time can tell you that Hinode is a special treat! Well, I am pleased to announce that Nixa now has it’s very own Hinode location that just opened this month! You can find it conveniently tucked away behind CVS and Taco Bell off of 14. So, what is good at Hinode? What isn’t??? However, if I have to choose I would say Hibachi all the way!

    I hope this unofficial food critics’ reviews have left you satiated. The next time you are scratching your head, answering the age old question of “Where do you want to eat?” I urge you to consider one of these fine establishments.


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